Caller ID Faker

Caller ID Faker

Hello BlackBerry&Android Users
we have received Emails From Users askin’ about what is CALLER ID Faker for BlackBerry&Android
So here is a little information about Caller ID Faker
1- Caller ID From NoZo App Let’s you change you Caller ID with any Number from you Choice like ( 123456789 , 0000000 , 01010101 ……. )
2- you Can call as ” Private Number ” ( Blocked ) as your Caller ID
3- if you want to prank your friends with any caller ID you can dial their numbers from Nozo APP,
* If you want to call them with your GSM number you can call directly from your phone ( Use Mobile Option )
4- the rate for USA&UK is 0.04$ Per Minute
( Anywhere in the world 0.10$ Per minute )


If you need any information please comment or contact us.
Thank you so much.


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  1. When will this app be ready to use?

  2. I am so interest in the product so waiting for his coming

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