This is The Official Blog For The First Application In The World That Makes a Free Calls Between All BlackBerry Users For Free Over Wi-Fi Or 3G, 4G  ( So Soon Android Devices too )

Just Like BBM but Live Voice Calls…….

Nozo App Let’s you to be in touch with everyone in the world

( Have BlackBerry for the first time in the world or Android )


We do not accept advertising.

We are working very hard to keep bringing you new features.


Why Nozo App ?

With Nozo App you can call other Nozo App users as much as you like for free, no matter where they are or which device or network they are using. All you need is a 3G,4G or Wi-Fi Internet connection. Just make sure that all your friends are also on Nozo App


Is Nozo App Drain my battery ?

No, Nozo App doesn’t drain your battery or use up your device’s memory, so you can always receive your incoming calls notifications without burdening your device.


More and more coming

We continue to work hard to bring you many more features and to keep developing versions for more platforms. ( Iphone and Nokia ) Coming soon

Stay Tuned 😉


  2. Coming soon,, but when,,? I have done download it,, I’m not uderstand. How to make a call,,? its just only statement..

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