Features For BlackBerry

**NoZo APP Features**

*Call Mute
*Call Hold
*Call Transfer
*Conference Calls (with local mixer and codec conversion when necessary)
*Click to Talk
*VoiceMail (remote and local)
*Speed Dials
*Devices Auto-Configuration (network, audio, )
*Smooth operation under not voip friendly conditions (low bandwidth, packet loss, NAT, firewall, etc)
*Auto-find people near me ( Find NoZo Users Around You In 500 Meter )
*Network diagnostics
*Auto Answer and Do Not Disturb Modes
*Call History
*Audio tuning wizard
*Dynamic Jitter Buffer
*Packet loss concealment (PLC)
*Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
*Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
*Voice activity detection (VAD)
*Noise supression
*Auto QoS
*Dynamic Threshold Algorithm for Silence Detection
*Network handling: UPNP, STUN, ICE, IP Translation, Firewall and NAT detection
*Local signaling (Dial tone, busy, ring back, etc.) for user comfort
*Call timer
*Personal address book
*Contactlist backup and restore
*Full encypted communications (protocoll and media too)

More & More Coming soon please stay Updated 


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