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Caller ID Faker

Caller ID Faker

Hello BlackBerry&Android Users
we have received Emails From Users askin’ about what is CALLER ID Faker for BlackBerry&Android
So here is a little information about Caller ID Faker
1- Caller ID From NoZo App Let’s you change you Caller ID with any Number from you Choice like ( 123456789 , 0000000 , 01010101 ……. )
2- you Can call as ” Private Number ” ( Blocked ) as your Caller ID
3- if you want to prank your friends with any caller ID you can dial their numbers from Nozo APP,
* If you want to call them with your GSM number you can call directly from your phone ( Use Mobile Option )
4- the rate for USA&UK is 0.04$ Per Minute
( Anywhere in the world 0.10$ Per minute )


If you need any information please comment or contact us.
Thank you so much.


EDGE ( 2G ) Connection ( BlackBerry&Android )

Hello BlackBerry&Android Users 

We Have A Great News For The First time in the world VoIP Application that works Over EDGE Connection ( Now You Can Use NoZo APP with  EDGE, WiFi, 3G, 4G (all above 15 kbits)

as we explaining at this table most of mobile Operators in the world use now Modulation 8-PSK  (phase-shift keying)

so you will Enjoy your free calls whatever your Network Connection is 

This Is Really Great news for low bandwidth Areas And for Some BlackBerry Devices that doesn’t support 3G.

EDGE Modulation and Coding
Scheme (MCS)
 Bit Rate
MCS-1 8.80* GMSK
MCS-2 11.2* GMSK
MCS-3 14.8* GMSK
MCS-4 17.6* GMSK
MCS-5 22.4 8-PSK
MCS-6 29.6 8-PSK
MCS-7 43.8 8-PSK
MCS-8 54.4 8-PSK
MCS-9 59.2 8-PSK

share your comments with us if you need more details 

thank you

International Calls & Caller ID changer

we are about to develop a True VoIP service ( International Calls ) And Caller ID changer ( that’s allows you to call with any caller ID from your choice  or Hide the Number ) For BlackBerry & Android and we need you to share your opinion about this two features
thank you