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EDGE ( 2G ) Connection ( BlackBerry&Android )

Hello BlackBerry&Android Users 

We Have A Great News For The First time in the world VoIP Application that works Over EDGE Connection ( Now You Can Use NoZo APP with  EDGE, WiFi, 3G, 4G (all above 15 kbits)

as we explaining at this table most of mobile Operators in the world use now Modulation 8-PSK  (phase-shift keying)

so you will Enjoy your free calls whatever your Network Connection is 

This Is Really Great news for low bandwidth Areas And for Some BlackBerry Devices that doesn’t support 3G.

EDGE Modulation and Coding
Scheme (MCS)
 Bit Rate
MCS-1 8.80* GMSK
MCS-2 11.2* GMSK
MCS-3 14.8* GMSK
MCS-4 17.6* GMSK
MCS-5 22.4 8-PSK
MCS-6 29.6 8-PSK
MCS-7 43.8 8-PSK
MCS-8 54.4 8-PSK
MCS-9 59.2 8-PSK

share your comments with us if you need more details 

thank you


Free Calls Between BlackBerry&Android Video Review

The Android Version ( Android To BlackBerry ) Free Calls

Hello BlackBerry&Android Users

we’ve a good news today about Nozo App For Android Version

Now for the first time in the world you can make free unlimited calls between BlackBerry&Android Devices

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Quick Review For BlackBerry Free Calls

Here Is a quick Review for the  BlackBerry 9900 and 9810 that shows how a call is being ….

stay updated for more tests and Video Reviews ( HD )  for the Nozo App between BlackBerry And Android 😉

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Good News About Android Version

Hello BlackBerry & Android Users

We are about to Make a new great step to Create a new Application for Android Devices

we are very soon to end it up ,

Now it’s will Available for BlackBerry And Android ,( Free calls between all BlackBerry Users and Android Users )

Stay Updated 😉

Gonna take your devices to a whole New level